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Welcome to Centertown Suites


As the name states, our rental suites are conveniently located in midtown Anchorage, Alaska with two locations.The first is located just off of the intersection of Lake Otis Parkway and 37th Avenue and the second is located on Tudor Road near Minnesota Boulevard.

The 37th Avenue property is within walking distance of the University of Alaska Anchorage and Providence Medical Center and under 15 minutes of driving will bring you to the Alaska Native Medical Center, Alaska Regional Hospital, The Mall at Sears, The Metro Mall, Fred Meyers, Walmart and many more popular Midtown Anchorage retail stores.

For more detailed instructions on how to find us, give us a call or view the Google Maps with driving directions on the suites and rates page.

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Centertown Suites Policies

  1. For stays of 4 weeks or less, full payment is required in advance.     
  2. For stays of 4 weeks or more, first four weeks payment is due prior to occupancy and guest shall remain prepaid 2 weeks or more at all times.
  3. Full refunds will only be given if notice of cancellation is received four weeks in advance. A partial refund of 50% will be given if notice is received two weeks in advance. No refund will be given for notice received less than two weeks in advance.
  4. A one week security deposit shall be paid at the time of occupancy.
  5. Guests agree to pay in advance.  If a guest cannot pay, they will leave immediately. Guests understand belongings left behind will only be stored for 24 hours and then will be disposed of
  6. Guests understand that overnight guests are limited to the people identified at check in.
  7. There  is NO SMOKING IN THE UNITS  Guests may smoke outside and must dispose of  all cigarette butts properly and NOT on the ground.  Guests also understand that they will be subject to a $300.00 fine for smoking inside or improper butt disposal.
  8. No excessive drinking or illegal drugs on the property.
  9. The hours of 10 pm. to 7 am will be regarded as quiet time and guests shall conduct their affairs with proper noise level and consideration for other guests.
  10. Pets are accepted upon management approval with additional charge.
  11. Guests are leave the unit in the same condition and cleanliness they received it.  In the event that undue cleaning is required, they agree to immediately pay a cleaning fee.                   
  12. Junk vehicles, or non-running vehicles are not permitted and will be towed.
  13. Guests will comply with all City and State laws or mandates applicable to their stay.
  14. Guests will hold Centertownsuites and its owners harmless for the safekeeping of any belongings, or visitors' belongings; including vehicles in the parking lot.
  15. Your stay with us may be extended if needed. Subject to availability.
  16. Guests understand that they are“GUESTS” and agree to leave immediately if management requests them to do so.  If they do not leave they understand they will be prosecuted for trespassing.

Alaska Compiled Laws - Annotated 1949
Sec. Registration of travelers. The proprietors of roadhouses, hotels, or boarding houses located outside of incorporated cities shall each keep a register containing the name and address of each guest with the date of arrival and departure. (§ 35-2-161 ACLA 1949)
Sec.08.56.020. Effect of refusal to register. No person who refuses to register may be accepted as a guest or given accommodations. (§ 35-2-161 ACLA 1949)
Sec. 11.20.180. Defrauding Hotel or Boardinghouse Operator. (a) A person who puts up at a hotel, inn, boardinghouse, or lodging house and who procures a fare, board, or lodging from the owner or operator by means of a trick, deception, or false representation, or a false show of baggage or effects, with the intent to cheat or defraud the owner or operator out of the pay or fare, board, lodging, or accommodation; or with that intent absconds, surreptitiously removes, or causes to be removed baggage or effects from a hotel, inn, boardinghouse, or lodging house without first paying the proper charges due is guilty of a misdemeanor, if the charges are less than $100, and upon conviction is punishable by a fine of not more than $200, or by imprisonment for not more than six months, or by both, and is guilty of a felony if the charges are $100 or more, and upon conviction is punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000, or by imprisonment for not more than five years, or by both. The words "fare, board, or lodging" include all charges incurred except for cash payouts to a guest.
(b) Proof that fare, board or lodging were obtained by false pretenses, or that he gave payment for the fare, board or lodging with negotiable paper or credit card voucher upon which payment was refused, is prima facie evidence of the fraudulent intent required in (a) of this section. (§ 65-5-90 ACLA 1949; am § 8 ch 70 SLA 1964; am § 3 ch 184 SLA 1968)
Sec. 08.56.050. Liability for valuables. (a) When the operator of a hotel or boardinghouse provides a safe or vault in which guests may deposit valuable property for safekeeping and notice of this fact is posted in the hotel or boardinghouse, the operator is not liable for the loss, damage or destruction of property not deposited by a guest in the safe or vault.
(b) An operator of a hotel or boardinghouse is not obligated to receive property on deposit for safekeeping as provided in (a) of this section which exceeds $1,000 in value. If property exceeding $1,000 in value is deposited in the hotel or boardinghouse safe or vault, the operator is not liable for its loss, damage or destruction unless the operator enters into a written agreement with the guest who deposits the property. If the operator does contract with a guest for the safekeeping of property exceeding $1,000 in value, the operator is liable if the property deposited is stolen or lost; damaged or destroyed by the negligence of the operator or the operator's agent. (§ 1 ch 184 SLA 1968)
> Sec. 08.56.060. Baggage liability. (a) Except as provided in AS 08.56.050, the operator of a hotel or boardinghouse is not liable for the loss, damage or destruction of property brought to or sent into the hotel or boardinghouse by a guest unless the loss, damage or destruction was caused by negligence of the operator or by the operator's agent.
(b) The operator of a hotel or boardinghouse may hold and store baggage or other property left behind or sent in advance for a period of four months after which time the operator may sell it at public auction as provided in AS 34.35.520. The proceeds of a sale, as provided in this section, are to be used to satisfy the hotel or boardinghouse operator's lien, pay expenses of sale and any storage costs incurred. If the hotel or boardinghouse operator does not desire to sell baggage or other property which the operator possesses, the operator may have the property delivered to a storage or warehouse company for storage, in which case the operator's liability for the safekeeping of the property terminates. (§ 1 ch 184 SLA 1968)
65-5-91. Posting Copy of Statute: Proof of compliance with requirement. It shall be the duty of every hotel, inn, boarding or lodging house keeper in the state of Alaska to post a printed copy of this Act in a conspicuous place in each room of his or her hotel, inn, boarding or lodging house and no conviction shall be had under the foregoing section until it shall be made to appear to the satisfaction of the Court that the provisions of this section have been substantially complied with by the owner or keeper of any hotel, inn, boarding or lodging house or his managing agent making the complaint.

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